Terms And Conditions

The terms and conditions are applicable in its entirety of your contract with our company when the customer intends to either buy and/or sell any precious metals or use our services on our live digital platform. The conditions are applicable whether our services are utilized through this website, in person, or through our digital mediums.

Customers engaging and willing to deal with bullion live digital platforms must be over the age of 18 and by agreeing to register or by placing an order request (for physical precious metals) you confirm that you meet this age requirement.

Precious Metal Pricing and Payment
Customers engaging in buying & selling transactions through our provided live digital platform be noted that prices shown on the website are “live” and will become fixed at the time of order (for physical buying and selling). Prices are based on the current prices of gold and silver which can be seen on our website. Accordingly, Customer’s engaging in placing multiple orders in a single buy and sell transaction may be subject to changes in price due to market fluctuations.

Precious Metals: Physical – Buy Order and Delivery
Kanak House Bullion DOES NOT SOLICIT any advice and propose their customers to conduct their independent research before making decisions pertaining to the buying and selling platform of precious metals. These prices of Precious Metals; Gold, Silver, Platinum, and Palladium can go up as well as down depending upon the market volatility.
Kanak House Bullion takes no accountability whatsoever, for the manufacturing of the precious metals provided on our live digital platform unless otherwise expressly specified. We aim to ensure all product information is precise and accurate, though actual product packaging and/or materials may contain more detailed information / differ to promoted. The general material and information provided by the company on this website are for reference purposes only. We recommend our customers to conduct their independent research and do not rely solely on the information provided by the company. Kanak House Bullion reserves the right to either accept or decline any offer at its sole discretion.
Due to the volatile nature of the bullion market and multiple product types, the company restricts acceptance of refunds or returns on bullion bars, coins.

Precious Metals: Physical – Sell Order
In the event, Kanak House Bullion agrees to buy any Old Gold or Silver from a customer; we will not be liable for the spot payment of the delivery of the precious metals. The custody of the received precious metals (gold/silver/platinum/palladium) shall not be treated as an acceptance to an offer or that we recognize these precious metals match the specified description. The Company is determined to accept the offer from customers to sell their precious metals, only when the company has scrutinized them under video observation, mass (weight) of the precious metals and authenticity have been verified. For Gold (bar, coins) Company shall provide an Assay Report. Kanak House Bullion reserves the right to accept or decline any offer at our sole discretion.

Kanak House Bullion does not provide any buy-sell transaction advice. Customers acknowledge and consent about being aware of all the risks associated with bullion transactions. Customers must seek their accounting advisors in respect of these matters.

In no event shall the Company be liable to the customers for any irreparable losses, damages, compensation, business, personal losses (including loss of profits, revenue, contracts, anticipated savings, data, or wasted expenditure).

Our purpose is to provide product information and pricing, however, in the event of any pricing error, we reserve the right, at our sole discretion, either to refuse or annul any orders that have been placed based on this incorrect information through our provided live digital platform.

As a standard practice, we require a certified copy of the customer’s photographic ID. Any precious metals being sold by any third party, mentioning to have been purchased from Kanak House Bullion, may not be relied on as genuine. The Company does not guarantee and holds no accountability regarding the authenticity of any precious metals unless purchased directly from the company.

The Company and the Customer agree to be bound by these Terms, which are considered to be practical. If any court or competent authority holds any part of these terms as invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the remaining terms shall not be affected. The Customer is restricted and shall not assign or transfer any contract to which these terms apply nor benefit to any other person. The Customer acknowledges that they have not relied on any statement, promise, assurance, or representation made by or on behalf of the Company that is not already set out in these terms.

These Terms constitute the entire agreement and the understanding of both the parties and supersede any previous agreement or understanding between the parties relating to the subject matters of these terms.

Any notice given under these terms must be in writing (inclusive of email) and delivered to the recipient at the following address; in case of the Company, at the registered address, or trading address; or in case of the Customer, the last known residential address, unless otherwise notified in writing of this clause.

If requested by us, the customer also agrees to provide certified proof of identity. Supporting documentation may be requested to meet with anti-money laundering and fraud legislation that govern our industry.

Kanak House Bullion does not hold accountability for, and expressly denies all obligation (formal, informal, legal) for, damages of any kind with the use of, a reference to, or reliance on any information provided through our live digital platform. Despite the fact that the information provided within the site is updated periodically, we do not undertake any guarantee that the information provided on this website is precise, accurate, and an updated one.