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Platinum used for platinum jewellery and in the bullion market, as the platinum product is represented with the currency code: “XPT”. Despite the fact that it has a brief history in the financial sector compared to gold, silver, and palladium, Platinum gold or silver, the price of Platinum is much higher. The interested individual may analyze and estimate the price of platinum on the basis of the market trend and fluctuation. Hence, the foremost important criteria for dealing with platinum bullion is to keep updated with the market price and trend.

platinum product

Platinum considered one of the precious metals in line with gold and silver. With a dense, ductile, and malleable properties the precious metal shines with the greyish-white transition. Chemically represented as “Pt”, Platinum is one of the least reactive metals. The highest natural availability of this precious metal is South-Africa which produces 80% of world production.

Platinum Investment Product:
Platinum is greatly being considered as an investment product including platinum bullions, platinum coins. Different investment types are with different investment risks. Nonetheless, platinum investment requires an individual to keep a track of the market pricing.

Major International Market for Platinum:
The price of platinum is extremely important as this metal being rare and precious holds a great value from an industrial and commercial perspective. One of the metals being rarer when compared to gold and silver. The global market for platinum is smaller than gold and silver. In an overall comparison, the gold market also offers to trade into platinum investment products. The international market for platinum includes the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), CME Group (New York and Chicago markets), Zurich Market (controlled by banks of UBS, Credit Suisse, and Union Bank of Switzerland), and Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM).


Palladium chemically represented as “Pd” is considered as a precious metal as well as industrial metals deriving benefits for multiple usages. Palladium is shiny, rare, and lustrous gloss white metal. Finding ore deposits of palladium metal is rare in nature. Generally, palladium is found in abundance in the South African Region after which it is available in the American belt and in Russia.

Similar to a Gold and Silver precious metal like Palladium (currency code: XPD) can be utilized in the form of palladium jewellery and can be a great investment product. The price of palladium is of great importance to clients and investors who deal with these precious metals on a regular basis. Our customers can keep tracking the price of this precious metal through our website and be updated with the live price.


Palladium Products to invest!
With all other precious metals in the basket, Palladium is also considered as an investment product including Palladium bullions, Palladium coins. With Kanak House Bullion, one can trust and start their bullion journey by dealing with palladium products.

International Palladium Markets
The price of palladium holds great significance as it a rare precious metal available for investment and for commercial use. The price is affected by the general equation of the demand and supply of the product as well as speculation. For industrial and commercial purposes, the price is highly affected by the demand of the consumer and other precious metals prices. In comparison with gold and silver, the palladium market has a smaller market. Though utilized to a great extent for multiple purposes the demand for it is comparatively low. In common terms, gold markets also deal with palladium products. The international important major Palladium markets include the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA),  Zurich Market (controlled by banks of UBS, Credit Suisse, and Union Bank of Switzerland), Chinese Gold and Silver Exchange Society (CGSE, located in Hong Kong),  and Tokyo Commodity Exchange(TOCOM). The pricing of the palladium fixed by LBMA has a great influence on the world Palladium market price.

Palladium Uses:
Palladium has many uses especially in the industrial and automotive industry. Unaware of the fact that palladium has great significance in the medical family also, it plays a key role in the making of dentistry products, medicine, electronics, chemical application, hydrogen purification, and last but not the least into jeweller.