Privacy Policy
Kanak House Bullion upholds data privacy and data protection policy to maintain the highest level of confidentiality, the integrity of the customer’s details.

  1. Customer details are only used for their bullion live platform registration purpose.
  2. Kanak House Bullion safeguards data privacy to preserve and protect any personal information provided by their Customers from being accessed by any third party.
  3. Kanak House Bullion enhances the ability to deliver and enforce healthy company data privacy policy in the growing economy as an important measure of trust.
  4. Kanak House Bullion strictly follows the principles and policies of Data Security which apply in protecting sensitive data stored within the company from malicious intruders.
  5. The company has zero-tolerance for profile data breaches.
  6. The website provides the chance of entering personal information such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail, or any other required data for your business relationship with Kanak House Bullion (“data”), you enter this data explicitly on a voluntary basis and with your knowledge.
  7. Kanak House Bullion uses this information in order to communicate with you about the company products, services and for purposes of marketing research and to improve the offered services.
  8. Except as required by law or by a regulatory authority, the company will not divulge or allow to divulge or make use of any confidential information other than for the purpose of this agreement.

Risk Disclaimer
Customers shall be subject to disclaimers provided by Kanak House Bullion and other policies, which we encourage you to access and to read carefully. Established in advance, we believe that customers have sufficient experience and knowledge regarding the product and the company shall not be held responsible as the customer understands the volatility/fluctuations of the bullion market. Customer also expressly acknowledge that they are solely making their decisions pertaining to buy/sell transactions and Kanak House Bullion does not make any recommendation about such transactions. The Customer expressly acknowledges that Kanak House Bullion shall not bear any liability or responsibility with respect to those risks, for which customer has the sole responsibility.

The bullion market is not exempted from involving risks. As the value of bullion is affected by many economic factors, including but not limited to bullion current market price and other factors. Other factors may include quality, current demand and general market trend. On the light of the aforementioned, the value of bullion can increase and decrease, therefore, Kanak House Bullion DO NOT offer any form of transaction advice and recommend the customers to do their own independent research before making any buy and sell transaction decisions.

Refund Policy
Kanak House Bullion thrives on satisfying their customer requirements. If a customer faces issues with our live digital platform and other services, to resolve the issues; please contact our customer services at the email address Kanak House Bullion takes no liability with respect to orders placed by their customers in bullion precious metals in times of high market fluctuations and otherwise. The company informs customers beforehand that due to market fluctuations, the company may not be in a position to accept returns without a reasonable ground. Please see the return policy below:
We guarantee the product to comply with the specification mentioned in the product description, however, in the event there arises any issue pertaining to the quality of the product, as described on the website, we reserve the right to replace the product or refund customer’s money.

Right to Cancellation of Services

Our customers have the privilege to reserve the right to cancel their submitted request pertaining to our live digital platform. The request for cancellation can be sent to

Other policies

The Disclaimer, the Privacy Policy and the Ordering Policy and Procedures has been adopted by the company and it reserves the right to adopt other policies from time to time in respect of the website and your use of the website, as well as purchases from, and sales to the company. All of these policies may be amended or terminated, at any time and from time to time, by the company and such amendments and such terminations will take effect when posted on the website. You hereby agree to comply upon purchasing from, making sales to or ordering from company whether by telephone, via website or otherwise.


Either Kanak House Bullion or the Customer may terminate this User Agreement, with or without cause, at any time by written notice to the other party, however, in certain events, the company reserves the right to terminate the user agreement with an immediate effect without providing any notice to the customer. The termination of this User Agreement shall not affect the rights and the obligations of Kanak House Bullion.


If any disputes arise between the two parties in respect of your use of this website, such disputes shall be resolved according to the laws and regulation applied in the United Kingdom.

Legal Notices

Under no circumstances shall Kanak House Bullion be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages of any kind, regardless the form of action, whether in contract, damage (including negligence), strict product liability or otherwise, even if we have been advised regarding the possibility of such damages.

Kanak House Bullion may amend this User Agreement at any time by posting the amended terms on the website. Except as otherwise provided in the User Agreement, the amended terms will become effective automatically 30 days after their initial posting on the website. This User Agreement may not be otherwise amended except by written agreement between Kanak House Bullion and you.

Anti-Money Laundering
Kanak House Bullion complies with stringent anti-money laundering policy which is aimed at accomplishing the requirements of rules and regulations of the governing nation. The objective of the anti-money laundering policy is to ensure that our business is not utilized for facilitating money laundering and comply with the applicable laws. Kanak House Bullion forbids any activity which attracts the lines of money laundering.
The anti-money laundering (AML) policy of the Company is aimed at fulfilling the requirements of the rules and regulations that are internationally acceptable. The purpose is to ensure that our business is not used to facilitate money laundering and to comply with all applicable laws. The Company has zero tolerance policy for money laundering activities. The Company takes AML very seriously and any deviance from our practices will result in immediate action. The Company reserves the right to refund, deny or withhold any advances made against this policy, or is suspected according to the applicable law, to be AML related (such as transfer to or from a suspected jurisdiction etc.).

Entire Agreement

This User Agreement sets forth the entire understanding between Kanak House Bullion and Customer, pertaining to the subject matter of this User Agreement. If you have any questions with respect to this User Agreement or your rights and your obligations under this User Agreement, send your questions via email to our email address