3 Easy Ways To Check Gold Purity

Check Gold Purity

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Gold is one of the most precious metals around the globe and is identified as nobility. You often ask yourself how to check gold purity as whether you are buying a genuine product of purity as a precious metal. These days, people believe buying gold is a risk as you may get betrayed. Learn how to check gold purity and never be doubtful before buying gold.

How To Identify Gold Purity While Purchasing

Purchasing gold has become an investment and also a fashion statement. Gold, on the other hand, is easily transformed. As a result, buyers must check that the gold they are acquiring is in its purest form. The following are some factors to keep in mind while purchasing gold. You can check Gold purity easily with the following methods.

1. Check for Hallmark

hallmark test for gold purity check

The words “gold hallmarks” or “gold markings” refer to a set of legal marks imprinted on gold items. Gold Jewelry Markings Symbols are stamps used by jewelry manufacturers to identify their items.

We can find these jewelry trademarks on or around the clasp on necklaces and bracelets. These are frequently seen on the inner side of rings. They must include the purity of the item in Karats or millesimal fineness in these marks. 

In addition, the manufacturer’s stamp should be included in the gold marks on the jewelry. This will assist you in authenticating the manufacturer of your gold item.

2. Magnet Test

The magnet test for gold purity check


The magnet test is the simplest method for checking the purity of gold at home. Gold is a non-reactive and non-magnetic alloy, whereas the majority of other metals are magnetic. As a result, putting actual gold near a magnet will have no results. 

However, if the piece of gold contains other metals, it will be attracted to the magnet. Gold is impure due to the inclusion of other elements. International standards regard an ornament with a carat age less than 10K to be impure. Magnets are widely accessible on the market, and the test may be performed safely at home.

3. Float Test

The Float test for gold purity check

The Float Test is one of the most basic gold preliminary tests you may do at home. A cup (or bowl) of water and your gold item are all you need. You only need to drop your gold piece into the water!

If it’s real gold, it will just sink to the bottom of the cup right away. Because of its high density (19.32 g/ml), pure gold is heavy. If your gold object floats or hovers over the bottom of the cup, it’s either false or plated gold. This is due to its reduced density (12.9 to 14.6 g/ml for 14K, 15.2 to 15.9 g/ml for 18K, and 17.7 to 17.8 g/ml for 22K).

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Gold Purity Chart – Karat And Millesimal Fineness Methods


Percentage of Gold Contains Karat System Millesimal Fineness System
33.3 8K 333
37.5 9K 375
41.7 10K 417
58.3 14K 583 (585)
62.5 15K 625
75.0 18K 750
83.3 20K 833
87.5 21K 875
91.6 22K 916
95.8 23K 958
99.9 24K 999/.999/99.9%

Final Thoughts

Buying gold is not the same as grocery shopping. Because it is a very valuable & precious metal, it is a very expensive investment. As a consumer, you should use extreme care to avoid purchasing impure gold. As a result, looking for the hallmark assures the highest quality and fineness of gold.

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