Gold – A lifetime investment and savings product for an individual and the pricing of Gold is of utmost importance. Across the globe, gold is one of the metals which had a different pattern and different cultures have different market trends, measurements, rules, regulations, usage, units. Through our provided platform, our clients can engage in dealing with physical Gold bars and coins by either selling, purchasing or storing any retail participants, wholesalers and jewellers. These transactions can be executed either in AED or USD at a competitive price in a highly efficient and convenient manner.

Assay Gold

Assay Gold  is the report that provides the calculation details of the Gold metal purity present in the bullion/Jewellery. We, at Kanak House Bullion, contribute our services to our prestigious customers – for buying and selling their own gold and silver with ease. Once the customer delivers these precious metals to us, we provide them with an Assay Report relying on which the total amount of the precious metal is calculated along with the purity and reimbursed to the customer either by way of cash or via bank account transfer whichever mode is convenient to the customer.

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