Kanak House Bullion Diwali Giveaway Contest​

win gold

Every user gets to win 1 Gram PAMP SUISSE 24K Gold Bar by taking up the Quiz. The Quiz has a time limit. To participate you need to provide us the below details to contact you if you are the lucky winner this Diwali Season. 5 lucky users will get 1 Gram Gold each. The highest number of correct answers determines the winner. Be careful in choosing your answers as it is your chance to win Gold this Diwali season.

Note: The quiz is timed to 15 minutes as soon as the page is loaded. The quiz will end forcefully upon the completion of the time. All the best!

Phone Number
Country of Residence
The largest producer of silver in the world is
The biggest consumer of gold in the world is
China being the largest producers now, which country was the world's leading producer of gold for past 100 years?
How many karats (symbolized by the letter "k") is pure gold?
Injectable gold has been proven to reduce pain and swelling in patients suffering from tuberculosis.
About how much (in U.S. dollars) does an ounce of gold cost? (Approximate price)
What natural event can turn water into gold?
The discovery of gold at what mill in California sparked the famous California Gold Rush?
What is the chemical element symbol for Gold and Silver respectively?
How much is the most valuable gold coin worth?
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